CRAG Meeting Report - Conference 2016

CRAG held its annual fringe meeting this year with the Minister George Eustice MP, it was the first conference fringe event ably chaired by our new Chairman, Christopher Abergavenny.

The meeting opened with refreshments and then sharply at 12.20 the Chairman started by praising the outgoing secretary of CRAG, Mrs Debra Murphy and all those present wanted to show there thanks for the outstanding contribution that she has made to CRAG over the years.

The Chairman went on to thank the meeting, with over 100 in attendance!  It just goes to show how important rural affairs are in a post Brexit Britain.  This was followed by a few words from our Parliamentary Representative, Nusrat Ghani MP.

Talks were given by Alex Caton from Charles Russell Speechley Solicitors (the meeting’s main supporters) on succession issues, George Geoghegan on planning issues facing rural communities and from Christopher Price, from the CLA, regarding post Brexit and forward planning.

The main part of the meeting was the address from the Minister George Eustice MP, who welcomed the policy document that CRAG has produced (this can be downloaded from our website) he particularly welcomed the ideas on food security, animal welfare and what happens after Brexit.  The Minister said that he took on board all the comments.

This was followed by a lively Q&A session from the floor.

It would appear that CRAG is becoming the link between rural communities and the Government.

The Chairman, Christopher Abergavenny, closed the meeting on time and gave out the list of dates for CRAG meetings and the days on which seminars on Policy will be discussed  and when the Policy seminars will be held.

Tentative dates and subject as follows :

2016   - December 8th  

Direct payments, Insurance and Safety Net policies.

2017   -  March 30th

Environmental policy

2017 -  July 6th

Planning and the Rural Economy

2017 - Conference  

International Trade

2017 - December 14th

Innovation and the implementation of scientific advances


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